Healthy Teenz Kit©

Healthy Teenz Kit© 

Confident, Peaceful and Strong

A carefully combined empowering kit containing three individual First Light Natural Health© products that support teenagers with self-development and emotional strength as they explore the rapidly changing world they live in today. Together these products support the building of strength and character that comes from working through life challenges.

Confident Teenz Support© - To boost self-esteem Healthy Teens Kit©
and socialise with confidence

Stressed Teenz Support© - To unwind from mental and emotional pressure

Strong Teenz Support© - To support independence and healthy boundaries 

Easy to use 20ml Oral Drops: Place 2-4 drops directly under the tongue.
 Repeat 3-4 times daily. Can be added to a  bottle of water and sipped throughout the day. For maximum benefit, once the 20ml oral drops are opened, continue using until finished.

Each Bottle Contains: Alkaline mineral water (aqua), natural preservative (ethanol), aqueous botanical infusions of specially selected New Zealand native plants.

Buy separately or buy together:

  • Confident Teenz Support© - Positive and Self-assured

Outgoing natural plant infusion blend for the support of shy or withdrawn teenagers. Uplifting and encouraging. Helps to develop a fearless attitude to life encouraging the ability to move out of your comfort zone and meet the world confidently.

Ideal to use when needing to come out of your shell or tackle uncomfortable situations.

  • Stressed Teenz Support© - Peaceful Mind

Unwinding natural plant infusion blend to support in times of emotional and mental overload in teenagers. Relaxing and refreshing. Supports clarity of mind and helps to establish and prioritise what needs to be done or what needs to change.

Ideal to use when studying for examinations, experiencing difficulty learning or needing to complete many tasks at one time.

  • Strong Teenz Support© - Emotional Muscle

Resilient natural plant infusion blend to support the  development of strong, healthy boundaries. Empowering and energising. Helps a teenager to build emotional tenacity, assertiveness and self respect in tough life experiences. Helps to be able to say ‘no’ when being coerced into something that doesn’t feel right.

Ideal when dealing with peer pressure or bullying.



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