Recovery Kit©

Recovery Kit©

Trauma, Grief and New Beginnings

A carefully combined restorative kit containing three First Light Support© products that support fast effective recovery. Use in times of grief, loss of a loved one, loss of home or security and for the after effects of traumatic experiences and natural disasters. Perfect when wanting to create a fresh new start in life. 

Trauma Support© - For recovery and care Recovery Kit©
after traumatic experience

Grief Support© - To bring care and comfort during the grieving process

New Beginnings Support© - To create the very best start for a fresh new beginning


Easy to use 20ml Oral Drops: Place 2-4 drops directly under the tongue.
Adult: Repeat 3-4 times daily.

Child: Repeat 2-3 times daily.

Safe to take more frequently if desired and for as long as required. For maximum benefit, once the 20ml oral drops are opened, continue taking until the bottle is finished.

Each Bottle Contains: Alkaline mineral water (aqua), natural preservative (ethanol), aqueous botanical infusions of specially selected New Zealand native plants.

Buy separately or buy together:

  • Trauma Support© - Freedom and Recovery

Restorative natural plant infusion blend to support emotional healing during times of trauma. Gentle and freeing. Helps restore your natural equilibrium and sense of safety allowing you to move on from painful experiences.

Ideal for the after effects of painful or traumatic experiences.

  • Grief Support© - Care and Comfort

Comforting natural plant infusion blend to provide emotional support and care during times of bereavement or loss. Soothing and comforting. Helps to overcome despair or feelings of loss and isolation.

Ideal to use when trying to cope with the pain of loss.

  • New Beginnings Set© - Fresh Start

Invigorating natural plant infusion formula to enable a fresh start for any new endeavour. Refreshing and strengthening. Helps to feel uplifted and look forward to new opportunities.

Ideal for use when beginning a new way of life, radical change, new employment, health and personal transformation.



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