Wellbeing Kit©

Wellbeing Kit©

Aura Clear, Chakra Balance and Crisis Support

A carefully combined balancing kit containing three individual First Light Natural Health© products that are specially designed to support your daily wellbeing and energy levels. The combination of New Zealand native plants in this kit provides the basic daily care you need to support you holistically so that you can meet each day more and more fully.

Aura Clear Support© - To help clean and Wellbeing Kit©
renew the flow of energy within


Chakra Balance Support© - For maintaining a strong, balanced, energised self

Crisis support© - For support in difficult or sudden situations

Easy to use 20ml Oral Drops: Place 2-4 drops directly under the tongue.
 Repeat 3-4 times daily.  Can be added to a  bottle of water and sipped throughout the day. For maximum benefit, once the 20ml oral drops are opened, continue using until finished.

Each Bottle Contains: Alkaline mineral water (aqua), natural preservative (ethanol), aqueous botanical infusions of specially selected New Zealand native plants.

Buy separately or buy together: 

  • Aura Clear Support© - Energetic Cleanse

Clearing plant infusion blend to remove disharmonious energy from your personal energy field. Helps restore natural energy flow. Cleansing and revivifying.

Ideal to use when you feel ‘people are in your space’, trying to clear your head or to let things go after a long day.

  • Chakra Balance Support© - Harmony and Balance

Balancing plant infusion blend to support and nourish the chakras – the energy centres throughout the body linked to the ductless glands and main internal system. Brings stability and a sense of inner strength and wellbeing in daily life.

Ideal to use on a regular basis to support optimal functioning of the chakra system.

  • Crisis Support© - Nature to the Rescue

Emergency plant infusion blend to support natural emotional balance and healthy functioning of the nervous system. Brings a sense of steadiness and calm to the face of crisis, sudden change or upsetting events.

Ideal to use in sudden situations that leave you feeling shocked or upset.


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