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Greenland Icecap

Greenland Icecap

An essence of solarized glacier water prepared on the Greenland ice sheet over an area where two of the Earth’s continental plates come together. The Greenland Icecap essence contains the intense energy of convergence - the energy of the natural movement of the Earth’s crust translated upwards through thousands of feet of ice. This essence helps us remain flexible and feel supported as we move through deep inner change and transformation.

This essence was prepared with fresh and sea water on Kachemak Bay in south-central Alaska during a full 22 foot tidal cycle. An essence of rhythm and
This essence was prepared in a naturally occurring circle of stones in the Talkeetna Mountains of Alaska. Stone Circle introduces a highly protective energy
This essence was prepared on the ‚night‘ of June 21/22, as the midnight sun danced along the peaks of the Brooks Range in the northern interior of
This essence was was prepared from a spring high in the Talkeetna Mountains of south-central Alaska. Water from this spring emerges from the center of
This essence was prepared on the banks of Portage Lake near the terminus of Portage Glacier in south-central Alaska. It contains a powerful and catalytic
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