This essence was prepared during a typhoon on the island of Honshu in Japan. Typhoon teaches us how to surrender to the cleansing and clearing power of nature - a force more powerful than we are–with enough trust to let it do its healing and transforming work. It also reminds us to anchor our lives with purpose and intent–to focus on what is important and let the rest go.

This essence was made in water from melted snow and ice on the Greenland ice sheet during an intense snow storm in the month of August. It is an essence
This essence was made in the northern interior of Alaska during the solar eclipse of July 21, 1990. It is an essence for balancing and harmonizing the
This essence was made during the March 2009 eruption of the Redoubt Volcano in south-central Alaska. This essence calms and soothes our doubts, anxieties
This essence was prepared on the Isle of Gigha, off the western coast of Scotland, on an outcropping of quartz that rises out of the ocean at the southwest
This essence was made in the Stonestep Bog in south-central Alaska. Bogs are semi-swampy habitats that harbor a rich diversity of animal, insect, and plant
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