Rio Clarillo - go with the flow

Rio Clarillo - go with the flow

This is our first environmental essence, made from a playful, energetic river below the Andes in Chile, while Saskia was on her ‚world travels‘. This essence helps you let go and become more flexible, relaxed and energised. It is good for any movement and change.

  • Are you stuck in a rut?
  • Do you find it difficult to let go?
  • Are you sometimes over-serious and rigid in your opinions?

The Rio Clarillo Essence Story

The day before finding this river I was writing in my travel journal when I felt inspired to write the piece below. I didn’t really think much about it, even though it wasn’t in my normal writing style, as I’d been spending a lot of time in or near water and the balance of masculine and feminine seemed to have been the theme of the year. It was only the next day when I was taken up to a national park and we came to this river that I thought that perhaps it had been ‚talking‘ to me and that I had to make an essence from its incredible energy.

„I am the feminine. I am the water of life. Dissolve in me, bathe and be refreshed in me, drink me. I will run into your cracks, swell up your cells, wash away the pain and tears, dilute the impurities and cleanse you of the sins you cling onto. I am essential, I am part of you. Don’t become dried up, hard and desiccated. Drink me, absorb me, swell and grow like a seed bursting from its shell, rejoice in the power of water and sun-female and male to help you grow into who you are to become. Every day becoming, shifting towards the light, always growing towards the light, the truth, the meaning of your existence. I am your strength, your flexibility, your softness. I allow movement in the wind - with me you can move and change.“

Saskia Marjoram

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