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Tjornholet - Sea of Courage

Received from the high lake lying in a naturally heart-shaped area between two snowy peaks, on the day before the full moon in July. Helps to activate, open, and balance the Heart and Heart Chakra. Assists one to learn that vulnerability is an act of courage and opening the heart. This essence supports the remembrance of Oneness, and the courage to maintain the compassionate view. Whenever obstacles seem insurmountable. Helps realize the power of compassionate commitment. Whenever there is a lack of trust in the Heart as a worthy guide.


Tjornholet - „The Sea of Courage Within the Vulnerable Heart“

This essence was received from the crystalline waters flowing in between the mountains of Hestlaegerho and Nautgardstind (the horse and the cow), and carried to the top of the rocky ridge wall of a heart-shaped opening known as Tjornholet, within view of Glittertind, the highest point in Norway, on the day before the full moon of July 1999. For activating, opening and balancing the Heart and Heart Chakra. When one is learning the relationship of courage with the willingness to be vulnerable. Finding the strength to remain open when becoming aware of the vulnerability of the Heart. Knowing that many guardians assist those on the path of surrender to All-Oneness; supporting the remembrance of Oneness, and resonating with the coherent Heart energies at the moment of compassion. When one needs to find the inner resources which are latent in the Heart, or to provide the courage to maintain the compassionate view. Whenever obstacles seem insurmountable, or beyond one‘s ability to remain in compassionate commitment. Uniting the trinitization of Life, Love, and Light centers to return to the natural state of Oneness by helping activate the wedding ring of the Heart center. Allowing the Heart to receive the wisdom of the Godself through the multidimensional bridge, soul and crown, and allowing the Mind to appreciate the power of compassionate love. Whenever there is a lack of trust in the Heart as a worthy guide. Supports the process of recovering awareness of the Heart‘s desire before it was constrained by fear.

©Randall Barolet

Received from a spring source emerging at the base of a solid rock hill which faces directly towards the original Tonsberg, Norway hilltop settlement,
Received at the base of Thor‘s Hammer mountain at the western portion of Jotunheimen, during the Galactic Crossing event in August 1999. This essence
Received at the tree line, from a cascading stream on the side of Galdhopiggen mountain, at sunset on a late summer evening in August 1999. Helps to discover
Received from a cascading glacial stream emerging from the Svellnosbreen glacier. This essence supports realization of joy, freedom, movement and pleasure
Received inside the Svellnosbreen Glacier, under the summit of Galdhopiggen mountain, just prior to the Galactic Crossing in August, 1999. This essence
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