Galdhoppigen - Grounding Gateway

Received in the crystalline snowfield at the summit of Galdhopiggen, the highest rock mountaintop in Norway, on the first day after the full moon. Resonates primarily with the pituitary gland. Supports grounding of the highest cosmic energies that are available to the physical body, so that their full potential can manifest in our body, emotions and thoughts. Helps to „trust your body“ as a worthy guide that is capable of transformation.


This essence was received in the crystalline snowfield at the summit of Galdh�piggen, the highest rock mountaintop in Norway and Northern Europe, on the first day after the full moon in July 1999. Supports grounding of the highest energies accessible to the physical vehicle. Assists whenever there is resistance to becoming fully embodied in the earth plane of existence. Resonating primarily with the pituitary gland, and secondarily with the pineal gland, it supports the process of translation of the brow and crown chakras, as they translate individualization of All-Oneness into geometry, electromagnetic field activity, neurotransmitter chemistry, and other aspects of the mental, emotional and physical creation.

©Randall Barolet

Received from a spring source emerging at the base of a solid rock hill which faces directly towards the original Tonsberg, Norway hilltop settlement,
Received at the base of Thor‘s Hammer mountain at the western portion of Jotunheimen, during the Galactic Crossing event in August 1999. This essence
Received at the tree line, from a cascading stream on the side of Galdhopiggen mountain, at sunset on a late summer evening in August 1999. Helps to discover
Received from a cascading glacial stream emerging from the Svellnosbreen glacier. This essence supports realization of joy, freedom, movement and pleasure
Received inside the Svellnosbreen Glacier, under the summit of Galdhopiggen mountain, just prior to the Galactic Crossing in August, 1999. This essence
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