Thor‘s Hammer - Cooperation and Unity

Received at the base of Thor‘s Hammer mountain at the western portion of Jotunheimen, during the Galactic Crossing event in August 1999. This essence harmonizes the connection between the third, fourth, and sixth chakras - between power, compassion, and thought forms. Assists one to work in group and/or cooperative projects. Supports raising of group consciousness and harmony in these situations.

Thor's Hammer

Assisting one to work with/in group consciousness, whether in cooperative projects, or in group process activities of any kind. Helps assist one to find harmony when working with a diversity of skills and points of view of individuals. Eases and spiritualizes the sense of individualization, softening the edges of ego, and connecting and harmonizing the relationship of the third, fourth and sixth chakras.

©Randall Barolet

Received from a spring source emerging at the base of a solid rock hill which faces directly towards the original Tonsberg, Norway hilltop settlement,
Received at the tree line, from a cascading stream on the side of Galdhopiggen mountain, at sunset on a late summer evening in August 1999. Helps to discover
Received from a cascading glacial stream emerging from the Svellnosbreen glacier. This essence supports realization of joy, freedom, movement and pleasure
Received inside the Svellnosbreen Glacier, under the summit of Galdhopiggen mountain, just prior to the Galactic Crossing in August, 1999. This essence
Received in the crystalline snowfield at the summit of Galdhopiggen, the highest rock mountaintop in Norway, on the first day after the full moon. Resonates
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