Underground Lake

The dignity of the king lies in forgiveness. Purity. Feel and act like a king / queen.  Understand, accept and live the sublime and the lower.

Environmental Essence from the water of a lake in a cave in Bergisch Land in western Germany. The rock is more than 350 million years old and contains relics from the days, Europe was still flooded by the sea,eg coral. The cave was formed about 5 million years ago, long before the first humans roamed the earth.

Underground Lake

The lake in the cave has several branches. One of them has the purest water possible causes (chemical analysis), while another is so muddy that it is possible to carefully crawl on hands and knees over it without breaking in. Two sides of the same coin, purity and filth. Without the one, the other could not exist. Who gets up high and at the same time can cherish his memory of the lower, and really understands, is wise.

Nirvana can not exist without samsara
the High without what is low.

Will you strive for the stars,
you have to appreciate the dirty floor beneath you
it is your springboard without you fall into the void.

Underground lake brings wisdom, judgment-free understanding, acceptance and knowledge.

Purification and liberation. Clarification. Clarify and reduce accumulated aggression. Withstand aggression. Understand and resolve causes of disputes.The
Desirelessness. Perfection. Centering. The power source in your own center. In the shadow of the moon. The spectacle did not last long, only a few minutes.The
Romance, magic, wish-fulfillment Promotes contacts in any positive way: affection, friendship, love, closeness, tenderness, intimacy, playfulness. Lets
Relief, relaxation, peace, turning inward, silence. Gain confidence from within. Let go of the stress of a whole year like leaves falling from the trees. Early
The spring is perfectly hidden,almost inaccessible and far from any known path through a swamp in a wild-life reserve in northern germany. it can be found
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