Autumn Light

Relief, relaxation, peace, turning inward, silence. Gain confidence from within. Let go of the stress of a whole year like leaves falling from the trees.

Early in the morning, the sun is just going to be working. It warms the frigid waters of the small lake. Mist rises and reflects the brilliant light. The foliage of the trees on the shore, dark red, orange, gold, surrounded by the green of the plants, which is still strong, is reflected in the parts of the lake‘s surface, that are not reached by the sun.
It is cold, the air is full of bright colors.
You breathe free from any pressure on the chest, you are confident, relaxed, refreshed.
The walk around the lake takes less than an hour.
Then you will feel free, refreshed and reborn.

The little bowl with the water of the springs that feed the lake, has been placed on the banks at the foot of a tree in the morning. Leaves in all existing colors are arranged in a way around the bowl that they can transform the sunlight into the colors of autumn and direct it into the essence.

The following night it freezes and a two-millimeter thick layer ice appears on the surface of the water and thaws out again when the sun returns. After 24 hours, the essence is ready.

Autumn light brings renewal and motivation.
Try it especially if you are feeling overwhelmed and need to relax and calm down and throw off your burden.

Purification and liberation. Clarification. Clarify and reduce accumulated aggression. Withstand aggression. Understand and resolve causes of disputes.The
Desirelessness. Perfection. Centering. The power source in your own center. In the shadow of the moon. The spectacle did not last long, only a few minutes.The
Romance, magic, wish-fulfillment Promotes contacts in any positive way: affection, friendship, love, closeness, tenderness, intimacy, playfulness. Lets
The dignity of the king lies in forgiveness. Purity. Feel and act like a king / queen.  Understand, accept and live the sublime and the lower.Environmental
The spring is perfectly hidden,almost inaccessible and far from any known path through a swamp in a wild-life reserve in northern germany. it can be found
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