Summer Thunderstorm

Purification and liberation. Clarification. Clarify and reduce accumulated aggression. Withstand aggression. Understand and resolve causes of disputes.

The 7th August 1991 brought us a enormous thunderstorm that announced itself long before it broke. Lightning flashed an hour silently across the sky until it erupted with a roar. Experiencing the summer thunderstorm was intimidating and fascinating at the same time.

Summer Thunderstorm

Thunderstorms clear the air vociferously, and sometimes just that is very necessary, eg if you‘re too shy and swallow too much without being able to digest it . On the other hand this provides the essence with the inner peace you need when there is aggression around you.

Summer thunderstorms can help to discharge energy, which you may unwillingly have kept inside. At the same time they bring back the equilibrium in the atmosphere as well as internally. At the end of the catharsis come calmness, serenity and openness to new.

Desirelessness. Perfection. Centering. The power source in your own center. In the shadow of the moon. The spectacle did not last long, only a few minutes.The
Romance, magic, wish-fulfillment Promotes contacts in any positive way: affection, friendship, love, closeness, tenderness, intimacy, playfulness. Lets
Relief, relaxation, peace, turning inward, silence. Gain confidence from within. Let go of the stress of a whole year like leaves falling from the trees. Early
The dignity of the king lies in forgiveness. Purity. Feel and act like a king / queen.  Understand, accept and live the sublime and the lower.Environmental
The spring is perfectly hidden,almost inaccessible and far from any known path through a swamp in a wild-life reserve in northern germany. it can be found
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