Underworld River

the brook is still flowing
after 3 1/2 million years of work
creating a cavern

when the rain heavily falls,
he works hard

when there‘s a drought,
he disappears

he carves himself

today you cannot see him anymore,
but you hear him murmur through a crack in the rock,
while more water
drops from the ceilings
and forms stalactites and stalacmites

enter another world
where dwarfs and giants of lime
- do they really? - live

he never gives up,
but creates beauty of blockages

he teaches you to go on
even when the obstacles intimidate you

in the end you may not exactly get,
what you desired,

but the results are rewarding yet


©Dirk Albrodt

Purification and liberation. Clarification. Clarify and reduce accumulated aggression. Withstand aggression. Understand and resolve causes of disputes.The
Desirelessness. Perfection. Centering. The power source in your own center. In the shadow of the moon. The spectacle did not last long, only a few minutes.The
Romance, magic, wish-fulfillment Promotes contacts in any positive way: affection, friendship, love, closeness, tenderness, intimacy, playfulness. Lets
Relief, relaxation, peace, turning inward, silence. Gain confidence from within. Let go of the stress of a whole year like leaves falling from the trees. Early
The dignity of the king lies in forgiveness. Purity. Feel and act like a king / queen.  Understand, accept and live the sublime and the lower.Environmental
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