21st to the 22nd of december,
the longest night of the year with a brilliant full moon

winter’s first snow fell right into the little glass bowl,
which was exposed to the energy of the moonlight.

a natural rhythm established itself.
a big cloud brought the snow,
emptied itself and then made way
for the full moon to energize it in the bowl.
after a while the next cloud appeared,
snowed and went away and so on.
the preparation lasted until the following morning.

sometimes in life we lose control and orientation,
especially when too many things happen at the same time.
too many thoughts block off our clear perspective
and we lose our inner and outer direction.
this is the time when we most need calmness and clarity.
winter essence provides us with these qualities.

winter brings us to a inner place of tranquility and peace.
negative thoughts and feelings cannot reach us there.
we can leave everything unnecessary behind,
and sort out what does not help us further
on our journey through life.
once we have gained this clarity and inner peace,
we are able to recognize our right path or destination.

winter brings us the rhythm of the silence.
It lets us hear the sound of one hand clapping.

©Dirk Albrodt

Purification and liberation. Clarification. Clarify and reduce accumulated aggression. Withstand aggression. Understand and resolve causes of disputes.The
Desirelessness. Perfection. Centering. The power source in your own center. In the shadow of the moon. The spectacle did not last long, only a few minutes.The
Romance, magic, wish-fulfillment Promotes contacts in any positive way: affection, friendship, love, closeness, tenderness, intimacy, playfulness. Lets
Relief, relaxation, peace, turning inward, silence. Gain confidence from within. Let go of the stress of a whole year like leaves falling from the trees. Early
The dignity of the king lies in forgiveness. Purity. Feel and act like a king / queen.  Understand, accept and live the sublime and the lower.Environmental
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