Swamp Spring

The spring is perfectly hidden,
almost inaccessible and far from any known path through a swamp in a wild-life reserve in northern germany.

Swamp Spring

it can be found between the roots of a giant tree
in a hardly penetrable thicket.

Its essence helps us to find ourselves.
we do not need to look for answers on the outside,
since we can find them inside.

swamp spring opens our eyes,
so that we see the whole picture without any limits
that were established
by our unquestioned beliefs, habits or obsessions.

swamp spring bears the holy water,
that a good friend of mine, who is a shaman,
uses for healing purposes and rituals.

this essence can be a source of our own inner being.
i It is the source of sensuality,
perception of every single moment
and also of self forgiveness.

we can rediscover ourselves - with all senses open.


©Dirk Albrodt

Purification and liberation. Clarification. Clarify and reduce accumulated aggression. Withstand aggression. Understand and resolve causes of disputes.The
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