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The energy of this place is:
Earth and water combines. New things are born out of water and the earth nurtures it.
The End and the Beginning, to come up with and deliver new ideas, innovations and illusions. Reality- what is what?
Gives energy and power.
Created in cooperation with: Hobgoblins and Trolls.
Sound: Spinning of a rock, vibrating sound.

Healing waterThe energy of this place is so strong that people from all over the world pilgrimage to this spot.Several million year old stones from another
The water of LoveThe energy of this place is: The ability to love yourself and to see the beauty within yourself and others.To find love and new beginnings
Ritual and Ceremony waterThe energy of this place is:Strong, big and powerful. Strongly balanced. Male and female energy.Inner and outer wealth. Reverend
Evocation-waterThe energy of this place is: Help with evocation and contact with Middle Earth,help with travels between the worlds and to listen inwards.Help
Hobgoblin-waterThe energy of this place is: Help with trying to contact the “deva”-world (ie. Fairy), earth and origin energy when contact with past
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