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Corncockle - Agrostemma githago – Bolderik


It brings clarity and encourages you to follow the direction of your heart. It helps you to assimilate unknown chaotic emotions. Lets you make a vision quest to your centre, passing by all disturbing influences. Supports you to stand strong for yourself and don’t give in. It gives the insight that if you want to move on, the growth and development of the consciousness is necessary. No growth without the development of the consciousness. Helps you to release feelings of revenge and opens you for the higher consciousness of forgiving and love. There is one certainty and that is that you are a child of God (the universe), all other things are of no consideration. It brings you to a state of being, beyond all problems. When you have lost faith in your life, in the world, in humanity; the Corncockle brings you back to a state of purity.

Connected with everything, support from the Universal, no obligations. Be because you feel that you are a part of the whole. Faith at the depth of your
The Divine Angel essence is made on June 24 2013 during a magic trip in Alaska. This essence already announced itself in 2005 and several new time essences,
On 12-21-2012 a new essence is made, that got the name “Angel Portal”. Of course there are many stories about this date, but the most fascinating is,
The children Vortex is an especially powerful and important essence both for children and adults. It is a new times essence, made of the energy of a vortex,
A new times essence, for manifestation, the connection with the earth and strength. This essence is made from a sacred power place with a black tourmaline,
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