Earth-Creation – Aarde-creatie

When you should add up the qualities of the first four essences of the new times you end up at the new essence Earth-Creation. This essence is made of a power place in the north of Sweden. In the middle of a meadow is a hill of stones, where the flames of the energy of the earth come up. In these flames a green archangel is visible and this archangel connects you with the stars and the universe and brings the star children to the earth. This archangel brings everything that is still left in the soul and the mind, and has not been able to incarnate, to the earth. The archangel gives the peace and the faith to be, without struggle, to stand in your power without pain and to give you deep roots to complete your incarnation on earth.

She brings you in connection with your natural rhythms and connects these with the stars and with the earth. She has the quality of integration from the stars and the universe, the healing of the heart of the earth, the heart of the universe and the heart of mankind. She brings humans to a new level of understanding, through which she brings the change to open the doors of your heart for the stars, the earth and the universe. A cycle of healing of the human race that begins with a true expression of love, the opening of the heart and the search for real healing in yourself. Important in this process is that you don’t look at the other or in the group for it, but that you try to find your own way, despite all adversity. Many seekers have had chopped their heads off for ages, so to say, you stick your head above the surface level and you are put back on your place and opposed. By using the Earth-Creation essence you connect yourself with this portal, this power place and from there you go your own humble way (there is no other) to connect you with the whole. This direction is now supported by your higher healing power, it puts you on the way to find healing in yourself on all levels.

Earth-Creation helps you to release what is not important for the fulfilling of the unique roll of man in the universe and lets you descend to the earth to a level of totality, to go back from there to the level of the angels, to be healed after a long search for the original source.

Connected with everything, support from the Universal, no obligations. Be because you feel that you are a part of the whole. Faith at the depth of your
The Divine Angel essence is made on June 24 2013 during a magic trip in Alaska. This essence already announced itself in 2005 and several new time essences,
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The children Vortex is an especially powerful and important essence both for children and adults. It is a new times essence, made of the energy of a vortex,
A new times essence, for manifestation, the connection with the earth and strength. This essence is made from a sacred power place with a black tourmaline,
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