Children Vortex – Kinder Vortex

The children Vortex is an especially powerful and important essence both for children and adults. It is a new times essence, made of the energy of a vortex, with in it an angel with a sphere around it. The essence helps in receiving and integrating the support and love from the angelic realm. It opens you for the magic of being alive and awakens the inner child.  

The children Vortex is made of the following gemstones:

Fluorite gives protection and self-confidence; it opens the door to the unconscious and helps with the release of stuck limitations and habits. It removes negativity and makes you understand your emotions.

Celestite connects you with the angelic realm, brings a deep peace and spiritual evolution. Helps with resolving conflicts and gives you faith in the infinite wisdom of the divine.
Aquamarine calms and protects and helps releasing the thoughts of others and responsibility. Makes you understand emotions and old problems through the just interpretation of your feelings.

Halite clears the soul and dissolves old patterns, negative thoughts and stuck emotions. It gives satisfaction and helps in releasing the feelings of abandonment and rejection.
Morganite has a strong heart energy and exists of pure divine love. It connects you with the higher light frequencies and the angelic realms. Releasing and transforming, the stone of change, strength, hope and the feminine.

Rhodolite gives energy, restores and clears the chakras. For serenity and passion, an important gem in a crisis, because it provides courage.

The amethyst is a very powerful, spiritual gem that enhances the mental capacities, brings wisdom and is calming. Balances high and low, expels anger, grief, fear and worries and helps you coping with loss. For spiritual wisdom and the love for the divine.

Petrified wood is important for your grounding and is an especially important mineral for sensitive and new world children.

The children vortex clears all trauma, pain and grief from your childhood. This can be a trauma from being beaten up, but also because you were not allowed to play outside and only had to work, you had the feeling that you were imprisoned in your duties. The playfulness and the pleasure has therefore disappeared and the heart is a meeting place of pain. Every time when you try to do something enjoyable, the feeling of old obligations and the old pain returns and stops you to start having a good life.  

It integrates the qualities that obstruct the evolution of the (child) soul. It renews the memories till the cellular level and takes care of the reconnection of the original qualities of the soul, before it incarnated on earth. It integrates new gained knowledge and old knowledge out of the universe. Makes it possible to live without the restrictions of the earthly existence and to feel connected with the universal light. Be who you are, beyond all restrictions. You are what you allow yourself to be. Opens your heart for the evolution of love and the realization of all your universal qualities from Light and Love and with an awakened consciousness in the here and now. Gives the star child both security and protection from the angelic world and connects it with his/her original strength. An essence that brings down the shining white light and makes it possible for the star children to be here on earth with an open heart.

Connected with everything, support from the Universal, no obligations. Be because you feel that you are a part of the whole. Faith at the depth of your
The Divine Angel essence is made on June 24 2013 during a magic trip in Alaska. This essence already announced itself in 2005 and several new time essences,
On 12-21-2012 a new essence is made, that got the name “Angel Portal”. Of course there are many stories about this date, but the most fascinating is,
A new times essence, for manifestation, the connection with the earth and strength. This essence is made from a sacred power place with a black tourmaline,
The last essence of this first series of flower essences for the new times is a very special one. During the preparation of the “normal” Orchid essence
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