Divine Heart

Divine Heart

Connected with everything, support from the Universal, no obligations. Be because you feel that you are a part of the whole. Faith at the depth of your soul.

The mutual galactic communication, cooperation and integration of different systems. Connection with planets, connection with the core of your existence, connected with the universe. Live your life from the deepest fulfilment. A new code to upgrade the original stardust, of which we exist, to integrate the relations between all systems and to integrate your heart as the center of the universe with all other forms of consciousness. Beyond the struggle in a harmonic cooperation through the integration of all loose, stuck and blocking structures. Unity of your soul with the universe as the most important task for the soul.

Connect yourself with the old original structures. In these old times there was still listened to the higher hierarchies and the directives could be received. Shape your life according to the original directive, listen to the higher wisdom and manifest this wisdom here. Accept your life as creator of this universe and integrate this in the heart.

Prepared with a vortex and the minerals: Lithium candle quartz and Auralite–23.

Lithium candle quartz gives inner peace and makes the connection with the higher self, whereas negativity can be released. Brings harmony in all relations. Quiets the mind, calms the nerves, lets you relax and opens the heart. Open yourself for the divine will and submit control to it.

The Auralite-23 is a “new” stone of more than 1,5 billion years old, in which 23 elements come together. The Auralite-23 works on the integration of different levels, both in the body and as an atonement to the universal blueprint and the angelic world. The stone is connected with the core of the earth and the galactic universe. Hereby you can see and experience the divine spark in everything.

At first there was uncontrolled energy in the vortex, that still had to be formed and that turned like a whirling ball of fire. You can compare this with a body, in which old deep formative forces, that could not yet manifest, look for a way out. A body could get illnesses by this that would relate to explosions, whereas the explosions not could be kept in form anymore, because the body missed the consciousness that could integrate this primal power. To make this integration and to balance this primal power, a balancing consciousness is necessary. The Divine Heart has the power to tame this uncontrolled energy and exists of an unconditional unity of the female and the male, coming from the higher hierarchic realms. These are different kinds of consciousness that stood at the base of the formation of the earth. This consciousness was pure creation force from a total unity of love.

This primal love is the healing power of the earth and has to do with the re-creation of the earth, when the still chaotic, whirling force of the earth is transformed into harmony. The earth on her way to the healing/cure of the heart, the core of the earth. The original core of fire and explosions is transformed into love and integration. In the body this energy has the same achievement.

Deep old conflicts between mind and body can be released, so old stuck patterns can be cleared out and healing can take place in the most profound part of the soul and a total integration on earth becomes possible. Where the connection with Lemuria is for the integration of the higher forces into the consciousness and the release of duality, the Divine Heart is for the manifestation of this process on earth. In this way the loose elements that come from this core of fire can integrate with each other, so struggle can be released and the real integration of the paradise on earth can take place, beyond duality, beyond the individual, to the manifestation of becoming one. Creation as a source of love.

The Divine Angel essence is made on June 24 2013 during a magic trip in Alaska. This essence already announced itself in 2005 and several new time essences,
On 12-21-2012 a new essence is made, that got the name “Angel Portal”. Of course there are many stories about this date, but the most fascinating is,
The children Vortex is an especially powerful and important essence both for children and adults. It is a new times essence, made of the energy of a vortex,
A new times essence, for manifestation, the connection with the earth and strength. This essence is made from a sacred power place with a black tourmaline,
The last essence of this first series of flower essences for the new times is a very special one. During the preparation of the “normal” Orchid essence
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