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Rhododendron Brocade Plus

Rhododendron Brocade Plus

Rhododendron Brocade Plus is a beautiful gentle pink hybrid, and the plant the essence was made with is a mature specimen which was in magnificent bloom with hundreds of flowers on it at the time. The key quality of this essence is vibrant joy. It is like having a gentle and happy fountain of joy suddenly springing forth within one’s heart. Take this essence anytime you feel low or despondent about life, as it will help renew the outlook of your heart.

A heightening, cleansing and calming essence. Ti Kouka has a powerful signature, and has effects on the 1st 2nd, 4th 5th 7th and 12th chakras. (Connects
RH griffithianum is a species of almost pure white blooms, and there are several specimen plants (both young and mature) found in various locations around
This flower’s energy is a powerful vortex connecting with the stars. The essence anchors in the Heart chakra, and then rises up through the crown
Probably no other time of the year has such a strong yet gentle sense of the magic of the Scottish woodlands as when the bluebells are out in the Spring.
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