Beech - Tolerance of others

Beech - Fagus sylvatica

Tolerance of others

This essence is for strong capable people who find it difficult to cope with how other people are. It helps with understanding that we are all on own unique path and that life is full of new opportunities.


  • Do you find it difficult spending time with people who aren’t as good at things as you?
  • Are you often critical of how others do things?
  • Do you sometimes not try new things out of fear of failure?

The Beech Essence Story

The village where I live is a small, enclosed community in a steep sided valley where the houses are piled almost on top of one another with only one road running though the village. The Beech woods are a big presence in the valley. I had wanted to make Beech essence the year before but some how I never was around at just the right time or maybe I never grasped the opportunities I had.

By the end of April the Beech trees were coming out with their tall trunks reaching up higher for the light. I chose a teenage sapling that was on its way up. Every thing seemed perfect and I left the essence in the middle of the wood where some light was penetrating on returning to find it several hours later all the trees looked the same I had not paid enough attention to where I had left the essence, I spent several hours going back over old ground searching but I never found my bowl of Beech.
Beech brings strength and support when you can’t see the wood for the trees.

This first experience made me more determined to make the essence so a few days later I went out again making sure I could come back & find the essence again. I became very aware of how paying attention to detail was important to such an extent that you could become intolerant of others and their ideas. If you become too involved in details you never see the whole picture which can make you feel depressed and you could become critical of others, always thinking that you are right because you have not seen the whole picture.

Beech essence help us to be more tolerant of others assisting the most critical of us to count our blessings.
The Beech tree hangs on to its leaves for a long time finally releasing them to make way for the new. This distinctive behavior of holding on to things is a strong message.

If you don’t release things you will not be able to make way for the new whether that’s new ideas or new friends.
The Beech trees are like strong cathedral spires reaching up with their new glowing leaves.The strength of the Beech tree is incredible and its power to push up to the light from the community of the wood bringing its message of tolerance and the ability to embrace new ideas is what every small village needs.
Christine Felce

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