Nan’s Polyanthus - For things that you find difficult to do

Nan’s Polyanthus

Nan’s Polyanthus - Primula polyantha

This was the first essence that we were drawn to make from the flowers and leaves of a bright pink and yellow polyanthus. It’s called Nan’s Polyanthus as this plant was given to Nan Smith (Christine’s mother) in hospital shortly before she died. The plant was neglected and very dehydrated but miraculously revived and flowered brilliantly immediately after she died.

The provings of this essence were quite clear, most people started clearing up, tidying and reorganising. On a deeper level this essence is for starting things you have been putting off or that you find difficult to do and for a general spring cleaning of your life on all levels.

  • Do you find it difficult to get on with projects?
  • Do you continually put things off to do later?
  • Do you feel cluttered and need a spring clean?
  • Do you need help with something that is difficult to do?
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