Bindweed - Constriction

Bindweed - Constriction

Bindweed - Convolvulus arvensis

For when life seems like a horrid tangled mess and you feel constricted and just want to escape. For any time when there is tightness or panic.

  • Are you in a situation which seems to have no solution?
  • Do you long for a time of calm and clarity?
  • Do you feel physically constricted in any way?

The Bindweed Essence Story
‚Oh there is a use for bindweed‘ a gardener exclaimed when reading about this essence!! Anyone with a garden who has bindweed curses it. Climbing over everything, strangling things, impossible to get rid of, the roots break up and each tiny piece grows into a new plant and they are said to go down up to 17 ft. An incredibly successful plant then, very good at reproduction, beautifully shaped flowers and leaves- just not in my garden please!! The valley Christine lives in is a very close knit community (watch the trailer for the film she made about it on you tube), people’s lives are inter woven and tangled together and it’s difficult to pull yourself out of it. Bindweed grows everywhere there.

I made this essence from the beautiful small pink and white striped flowered variety when my life was indeed a tangled mess that I thought I’d never escape from.

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