Blackberry - Loud & proud

Blackberry - Loud & proud

Blackberry - Rubus various

For pushing forward in life and for grounding your ideas into reality. This energising essence helps you stand up for what you believe and to be able to do something about it.

  • Do you have lots of ideas but don’t seem to get on with any of them?
  • Do you find it difficult to speak out about things that are important to you?

The Blackberry Essence Story

I have picked and scrabbled through blackberries since I was a child. They have strong quick growing stems, which push up through stones, hard earth and any obstacle to hook their thorns on your legs or tear your clothes. My general feelings about blackberries were a bit of a battleground.

When I decided to make this essence I started to notice the delicacy of the flowers and how many variations of the flower there were. In fact it seemed to me that the flowers were always changing shape and colour with lots of variations even on the same plant. Brambles have a dark history, often inhabiting places that have become disused- old factories, railway sidings or overgrown graveyards. Brambles take advantage of any space that has been left alone. They have fantastic vitality and seem to grow almost as you watch them - their long stems twining round and smothering things if left unchecked. Basically, in character, the Bramble plant is out for itself and will make sure it comes to the front and is heard.

When I made the essence from the Blackberry flowers I used flowers from 3 different plants, as I wanted to make the most of this diverse and vital picture. The first thing that happened was many thoughts about how important it is to make sure your ideas and philosophies get heard. So many people imagine that others know what they want but have forgotten to speak up and tell it as it is.

Blackberry essence will help you stand up for what is important to you, It will give a vital energetic push to people who are stuck in negativity, lethargy and dark thoughts. It is a good essence to use when doing visualizations or when initiating a project. I took Blackberry essence when I helped run a nationwide print festival that stretched over 20 venues, taking Blackberry helped me bring all the various strands of the festival together and cope with the many artists involved.
Believe in yourself, speak up for what you want, push your ideas into reality and you will be surprised at how powerful you are.

Christine Felce

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