Bluebell - Strength & support

Bluebell - Strength & support

Bluebell - Endymion non-scriptus

For those times when you are fragile & keeping your head down. Bluebell lets you know you are supported and strong. It is a good essence if you have problems speaking up for yourself.

  • Are you recovering from anxiety or depression?
  • Do you feel judged by others & self concious?
  • Do you feel injured in any way?

20% of the sale of this essence will be donated to a fabulous charity, The Bluebell Nurses, which fundraises to provide specialist nurses for those affected by maturnal depression. Visit the Bluebell Nurses website to find out more about their work.

The Bluebell Essence Story

It’s always a wonderful surprise how serendipitous life can be and even a simple walk in the woods can bring such bounty.
The Beech woods near where I live had been carpeted with Bluebell flowers for over a week, each stem bending shyly downwards and the bell flowers on the stems pushing their way up from the woodland floor for light giving a feeling of joy and thankfulness- how lucky they were to have the light, how grateful to be in the community.
As I set out on my way to make Bluebell I walked past a very shy local woman who very rarely acknowledges people, even though in a small village it is customary to at least nod at a fellow pedestrian. On this occasion I became very aware of this woman’s personal pain at even passing someone on the road, her head hung down with a feeling of being very self conscious and sensitive rather than just being self absorbed.As I continued my walk to the woods I passed a man with a dog who, as he walked past looked at the sun and the Bluebells and openly said how lucky we were for such a day.

On returning to the woods to collect the essence I met another walker, Rosie, who adores the Bluebells. I explained to Rosie that I was making an essence from the Bluebells and she felt inspired to draw my attention to quote by E.E.Commings „I thank you God for this most amazing day, for the leaping greenly spirits of trees, and for the blue dream of sky and for everything which is natural, which is infinite, which is yes.“

I continued walking with Rosie who asked me to help with a problem she had. Whenever she started to sing she would feel like coughing and this would interrupt her singing in the choir. She had tried all sorts of different remedies and thought flower essences would be the answer. As we talked she told me about her childhood, she had been strictly brought up and had always had to be a good girl and was often made to keep quiet.

On returning home I made an essence for Rosie with the newly made Bluebell essence which did the job and stopped her cough before singing. My reasons for giving her this was that Bluebell essence is for helping people express themselves with ease especially from problems involving the voice and throat.

Bluebell will assist you in speaking up for yourself especially if you feel judged by others. It does this by strengthening your confidence and self-esteem, helping you to learn from looking inwards and find joy and thankfulness.

Bluebell has a special affinity for anyone recovering from an illness particularly anxiety and depression. When you are fragile and keeping your head down it will let you know you are supported and strengthened.

Christine Felce

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