Borage - For being more self-sufficient.

Borage - For being more self-sufficient.

Borage - Borage officinalis

This essence brings a feeling of calm and balance when you feel you have lost the support that surrounds you. It helps bring back a feeling of being able to cope with all that life throws at you, to stand on your own and survive.
If you answer yes to two or more of these questions this essence may be the one you need at this time.

  • Do you feel emotionally weighed down, burdened by feelings?
  • Are you currently experiencing a great deal of sadness or loss?
  • Do you find it difficult to stand on your own and be self-sufficient?

The Borage Essence Story

‚You don’t always get what you want but sometimes you might just get what you need‘
When I make an essence I try to not get personally involved, aiming to stand back objectively and let the flowers tell me their story. Sometimes with essence making you realise you have made an essence that directly relates to you personally and what is happening in your life. Borage was this kind of essence for me.

I have always loved the bright blue flowers that have self seeded in my garden for the last 10 years.From the moment the Borage flowers entered the water the way the tiny hairs held onto the air reminded me of a life raft for the flowers. I started to realise how supporting and protective Borage is. Each flower was separated from its neighbour but united. In fact every bit of the Borage plant is covered by fine long hairs.

As I was making the essence my attention was drawn to two massive piles of legal documents that I had. These documents had been building up over several years and now took two people to carry them. The documents were the outcome of several tribunals that I had attended as I had worked very hard to get support for my sons education.During the making of the Borage essence I stared to see these papers no longer as a burden that was weighing me down but as an achievement and that the whole experience of going to tribunals had given me a fantastic education that would help me cope with many more things that life puts towards me.

This wonderful flower has helped many people find the support and help they need to stand on their own knowing that the universe will support them.

Christine Felce

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