Buttercup - Finding time for yourself

Buttercup - Finding time for yourself

Buttercup - Ranunculus acris

This essence is for finding time for yourself and the things you want to do and feeling energised enough to do them. It helps increase your self-confidence and creativity and feel the sunshine inside again. It can be good for creative people who have lost their inspiration.

  • Do you find enough time and space for your own creativity?
  • Do you feel others are more worthy of attention or respect than you?
  • Are you happy with who you are?

The Buttercup Essence Story

As any gardener will know Buttercup is very creative in the different ways it can reproduce itself. It is the kind of plant that can cover a field in a few months. If you have sat in a field full of Buttercups on a sunny day you will soon start to daydream. When we trialled Buttercup essence every one was very happy to be taking it.

The feed back we got was of having enough energy to do something for your self. A trumpet player said how after taking the essence she had found that her playing was greatly improved because she felt that she could be free to experiment with the music. An artist who took the essence had more confidence in her work and who she was. The spirit of Buttercup for me is embodied in the safety check on aeroplanes when the air hostess says that in an event of an accident would parents please make sure their own oxygen mask is fitted properly before helping their children.

If we do not look after ourselves and celebrate our own creativity our self esteem and general happiness will get compromised.One way to a healthy life is to follow your dreams and find time for your self.

Christine Felce

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