Carrot - To be organized enough to reach your goals

Carrot - To be organized enough to reach your goals.

Carrot - Daucus pastinaca
This essence is for organisation, bringing a feeling of having enough time and support to be more relaxed, creative and spontaneous so that you can reach your goals.

  • Do you find it difficult to organize yourself?
  • Do you feel your creativity is blocked by lack of discipline?
  • Do you find it difficult to act spontaneously?

The Carrot Essence Story

After a good crop of carrots the previous year, there were always some that escaped being dug up. These carrots had developed into magnificent 6ft high plants with beautiful plate like white flowers.

I had been attending an international flower essence conference on the Island of Gigha. During conversations with another flower essence maker at the conference I described the fantastic carrot flowers and as if by chance the person I was talking to had already made a carrot essence which she was very pleased with and felt the essence picture was to do with assisting fertility in all forms.

On returning from the conference the carrots were still in full flower and on closer inspection had become home to a host of insects. They were not eating the flower but just enjoying the nectar and the shelter that such a large flower gives.

The flower of the carrot is not one flower but a whole community of flowers put together so that each single flower is arranged in such a way that it has just the right amount of room and is also supported by its neighbours. During the making of the essence I felt that the geometry and the way the flowers were organised was very important to the message that the flower could help us with.

Many ideas, plans, projects and even babies do not come into being because of lack of organisation. Many people think that being organised will cramp their creativity and spontaneity. The reality being if you have disciplined your self to be organised then you will have made the time & space to be creative.
Lots of people have wonderful ideas and inventions that never see light of day because they have not managed to organise their affairs.
Carrot essence will assist you with organising so that you can enjoy your creativity and reach your goals.

Christine Felce

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