Cherry Plum - Soft calmness

Cherry Plum

Cherry Plum - Prunus cerasifera

This is a soft, calming essence for when you are scared. It brings a feeling of being able to cope without falling apart, of feeling strengthened and in control.

  • Do you find life scary?
  • Are you afraid of losing control?
  • Do you often suffer from negative thoughts?

The Cherry Plum Essence Story

The Cherry Plum tree was in full blossom, from a distance it looked like a soft pink ball with the petals falling like confetti to make a pink carpet round the tree. On coming closer it became apparent that the fine papery petals of the cherry plum were all slightly shaking.

Cherry Plum is an essential ingredient in Dr Bach’s Rescue Remedy and our A & E combination. Violence and fear often go hand in hand - if someone is scared enough their fight and flight responses will become activated, so very fearful people can be violent. Cherry Plum will bring calmness to most situations, it is an essence that can be used on an acute level such as after a car accident or other fright. It can also be taken over a long period when fear has become the natural way that someone reacts most of the time - for example people who have had a breakdown or people who have come back from war suffering from shock or if you are one of those who feel scared at night and cannot settle because you are strung out and fearful.

Cherry plum is also very helpful for people who fear they may commit suicide or commit some violent action towards another person. Cherry plum essence has the effect of bringing in calm rational behaviour.

Christine Felce

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