Clematis - Transforming ideas into reality

Clematis - Transforming ideas into reality

Clematis - Clematis vitalba

This is an essence for daydreamers and people who have lots of ideas but find it difficult to get on with them, who live in their heads but want to get on with life.

  • Do you often forget where you are because you are too busy thinking?
  • Do you need lots of sleep but still wake up tired?
  • Are you ready to turn your ideas into actions?

The Clematis Essence Story

We made this essence after we had decided to make our own ‚Rescue Remedy‘. Wild clematis, or Old man’s Beard, as most people know it, covers our hedgerows, clambering over everything and covering it, in the autumn, in a white fluff that sometimes looks like snow. It is this hazy, fluffy headed feeling that Clematis essence helps to rectify. It helps bring you back to reality and turn those dreams that clamber over everything into deep-rooted reality. This bringing back to reality is why it’s so useful in an emergency essence as it can be very dangerous but quite enticing to drift off into dreamland after you’ve had an accident.

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