Crab Apple - Cleansed & purified

Crab Apple - Cleansed & purified

Crab Apple - Malus sylvestris

This essence helps free you from guilt and shame. It will help put your life in perspective, processing impurities and negativity.

  • Do you wash more than is necessary?
  • Do you feel shameful or unclean?
  • Do you have compulsive or obsessive behavour?

The Crab Apple Essence Story

Apples have tempted us, fed us, and inebriated us since before we started writing about them. The flowers of the apple have a special function in guiding our thoughts to how we can best help ourselves and others [see our apple combination essence for a fuller explanation of the messages apple trees have for us]
Crab Apple is a cleanser - cleaning the mind and body of what it dislikes and feels disgusted about.

It is the perfect start to many flower essence treatments when you feel that you have done something that is against your true nature and it keeps going round in your mind. If you feel disgust on any level Crab Apple will guide you to the root of the problem. Once you acknowledge a problem you are a long way to curing it.
If you often have negative thoughts or if you find you have compulsive or obsessive behaviour Crab Apple essence will help bring balance.

Christine Felce

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