Dandelion - relax; for when you need to feel at ease and look your best.

Dandelion - relax; for when you need to feel at ease and look your best.

Dandelion - Taraxacum officinalis
This essence helps with awareness of your physical body and how you appear to the outside world. It helps your muscles relax and is great for adding to baths.

  • Are you often tense?
  • Do you feel/look dowdy and are uncaring about your appearance?
  • Are you unaware of your body and ungrounded ?

The Dandelion Essence Story

I am an untidy gardener with a love of wild flowers, by May 1st 2006 my garden was dandelion heaven. There was just one place I knew that had more Dandelions - a local chair & sofa factory right next to the river and away from the road.

For several weeks I had been noticing the wonderfully glowing yellow colour and the multitude of luxuriant petals that the dandelion has. I knew that this Monday (1.5.06) was the day. I put my essence kit into my rucksack and started down to the factory with a view to asking the owner if I could make the essence in the midst of their wonderful patch. All essences have a journey and a story: this Monday was a bank holiday & of course the factory was closed, I had just failed to pay attention to what was happening in the world of working & factories. Something inside me said this really was the day & the place to go for it, so I proceeded to make my way down to the side of the factory to the river where there is a wooden and barbed wire fence. I noticed a possible gap by the river so swung myself out over the river holding on to a branch and pulled myself up onto the factory side and the Dandelion patch.

I need to tell you I am by nature a cautious person that tries to avoid physical challenges. I soon realised that this was one of the messages Dandelion has at its heart - to be brave, strong & stick to your convictions. Taking physical challenges will strengthen you and help you relax.

Once I had entered the Dandelion patch at the factory it felt as if time had stood still and I noticed how busy I had been all week. I started the essence off and felt a deep relaxation thought my whole body. As I was noticing how relaxed I felt two joggers passed by on the opposite side of the river waving as they went. Sometimes you really have to work hard to relax.

I realised then that this Dandelion essence was for much more than just physical relaxation after exercise. It is for that deep relaxation that you feel from being grounded and connected to the earth. The big tap root that keeps the Dandelion so deeply grounded to the earth is something that we all need, especially the airy heady daydreaming people who can float off with their ideas. In contrast to the deep tap root is the wonderful Dandelion clocks that fill the air with their tiny parachutes that are carried on the air for miles. Taking Dandy Lion while shopping for clothes helped me pay attention to my clothes and how things co-ordinated.

Dandelion has become one of those essences that has gone into many of our combinations. Dandelion is in our A+E (Accident & Emergency) combination as it seemed just the perfect final touch on Dr Bach Rescue Remedy formula, bringing grounding in situations of fear and panic.

Christine Felce

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