Dicentra - to open your heart

Dicentra - to open your heart

Dicentra - Dicentra spectabilis

For when your heart is closed due to painful experiences. This essence brings back the ability and energy to be able to give and receive love again as you remember who you really are.

  • Have you had painful relationships that have closed your heart to love?
  • Do you feel you need someone else to be complete?
  • Do you sometimes question your ability to love?

The Dicentra Essence Story

As a florist people would often ask me what my favourite flower was - I think Dicentra or Bleeding Heart as it’s also known, would definitely come in the top 5. The way they hang there in their own space all along the branch, starting closed at the bottom they open up to reveal a white heart shaped framework beneath the deep pink covering. The whole plant is very brittle (even the roots) and the branches break very easily.

I made this essence at a time in my life when I was very broken hearted and questioning my ability to love at all. This beautifully perfect flower taught me that I could and that it was OK to hang there on my own for as long as I needed to heal.

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