Evening Primrose - Light in the dark

Evening Primrose - Light in the dark

Evening Primrose - Oenothera biennis

This is the first essence we made in moonlight, during a Taurus full moon. It is for shining a light into dark corners and giving illumination to our fears as well as being able to confidently speak about them.

  • Are you afraid of the dark?
  • Do you find it difficult to talk about things that are bothering you?
  • Are you scared of being vulnerable?

The Evening Primrose Story

Sometimes we are drawn to make essences for other people. Evening Primrose is one of those essences. A friend of mine was creating a beautiful bowl in the magical garden at Herbs for Healing near Cirencester where I was living at the time. While working he was surrounded daily by many different medicinal plants but it was the Evening Primrose that he kept noticing. On his final day of working he asked “What is Evening Primrose for energetically Saskia?” As I didn’t have an immediate feeling about it I looked up what other essence makers had come up with –the answers really resonated with him and so I thought we should make an essence.

To celebrate the finishing of the bowl and the fact that it was full moon we were going to have a ceremony in the garden. It came to me that we should all make the essence in a bowl floating in the new bigger bowl in the light of the full moon as part of the ceremony. It was, all in all, a very nourishing experience bringing a warm glow to all who took part.

The Evening Primrose flowers glow in the evening like Bright Lights and in the light of the Moon it felt like the whole garden was lit up.
And this is what the Evening Primrose brings - a feeling of being nurtured and safe enough to express our fears, shining a soft light to issues we have hidden, bringing acceptance, love and acknowledgement to all that we are.

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