Gorse - bringing in the light

Gorse - bringing in the light

Gorse - Ulex europaeus

For when you feel hopeless and surrounded by insurmountable difficulties.Like the bright yellow flowers and heavenly scent, gorse brings sunshine and joy where there was darkness and despair allowing all difficulties to be overcome.

  • Do you always think things will turn out badly?
  • Are you anxious?
  • Are you finding it hard to recover from a long term illness?

The Gorse Essence Story

I made this essence on the cliffs of Predanak near Mullion, Cornwall where there is particularly fine Gorse that dominates the landscape. I nestled the essence in the top of a thick Gorse hedge that easily supported the weight of the glass bowl and water. The light in this part of the country is very bright which made the golden brightness of the Gorse and the dark underneath of the hedge look more contrasted. The Gorse hedge surrounded a field that looked out to the Atlantic. In the field was an ancient standing stone with the signs that a bonfire had taken place some time ago.

One of the reasons to make Gorse was that I felt sure it would be included in a combination essence that I have been working on to help people during depression. The Gorse flowers love the light and make the landscape glow yellow but the branches of the Gorse are dark and suffocate other plants. The fierce Gorse thorns make an impenetrable barrier.

People who need Gorse have often become overwhelmed with hopeless despairing thoughts. They may have tried many treatments but feel it is useless to try anything else, they can feel they are wrapped in a blanket of hopelessness. They may have lost the light and sunshine in their lives. Gorse brings in joy and bounty by seeing what is outside. Gorse helps you appreciate that your world is what you make it. Your glass is half empty or half full.

Christine Felce

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