Nettle - For when you are ‚pissed off‘.

Nettle - For when you are ‚pissed off‘.

Nettle - Urtica dioica

For those of us who put up with things or have been ‚stung‘ and feel powerless to speak up for ourselves and then feel resentful. For standing strong and tall in your own truth and maintaining your boundaries.

  • Do you feel yourself overwhelmed by other people’s energy?
  • Do you find yourself giving way to what others want to do rather than state your case?
  • Do you feel stung or hurt by other people or generally ‚pissed off‘?

The Nettle Essence Story

I’d recently met up with an old friend and was wondering what essences he could do with- often I find it helps to imagine what flower someone is most like, and he is the most like a nettle I have ever come across- strong, powerful and needing a lot of personal space, often angry and unapproachable with very strong boundaries (but not necessarily respecting other peoples). So I thought it would be good to make a nettle essence to help him when he was out of balance. I knew making it would be a powerful experience and wasn’t looking forward to the prospect.

Venus was transiting the Sun (08/06/04) and this seemed a good morning to make an essence (a time for ‚energising our passion, creativity and willingness to fight for what we love‘). I hadn’t walked to the spring in the woods where I collect water for essences for a few weeks, so dressed in the clothes of the day before (short skirt and plimsolls etc ) I set off half hoping that a nice, easy, friendly flower would ‚have to‘ be made instead. My way was soon barred by a very tall, large, impassable clump of nettles which had grown up since my last visit, so I whacked my way through with a stick getting quite stung in the process-now I was fed up and wondering what on earth I was doing getting up at dawn to make an essence for someone else! But I’m here now, and stung, so might as well get on with it. I thought I’d eat a nettle flower not imagining that even those would have stings OW - now really pissed off.

The rest of the process was pretty uneventful but on thinking about nettles over the next few weeks and trialling the essence we realized that its main feature is standing up for yourself and maintaining your boundaries. It is when you don’t do this and give in to things you don’t really want to do that you get ‚pissed off‘.

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