Oak - Recharge

Oak - Recharge

Oak - Quercus robur

This essence is for the kind of person who works too hard, who never give in or admits their limitations. For when you are exhausted but feel driven to carry on regardless. This essence helps you relax and stop for long enough to recharge your batteries and look at your priorities.

  • Are you hard working and dependable, often pressing to the limits of endurance in order to provide or assist others?
  • Do you feel you are on the verge of collapse or utter exhaustion due to the unrelenting pace you have set for yourself?
  • Do you deny yourself small pleasures?

The Oak Essence Story

„If the Oak comes out before the Ash we are in for a splash. If the Ash comes out before the Oak we are in for a soak“.

These big trees have been part of our landscape, have fuelled our fires and built our boats and helped our country fight against great difficulties.
When you make a flower essence there is usually a window of time when the plant you need comes into flower and you hope for sunshine. The Ash tree had definitely come out before the Oak on this year. I had watched for the lamb’s tail flowers of the Oak to form as the weather got colder and the rain fell.

Well life is like that - you have to jump and get on the boat or you miss the opportunity. So it was that I was standing under a magnificent oak that overlooks the whole of the Chalford valley with sleeting rain pouring down my face and my feet slowly freezing waiting for the Oak essence to be ready. The field where this wonderful tree is also had a public footpath running through it & was home to a couple of horses so I felt I had to stay around for the whole time in case the essence was disturbed. It felt very hard work but I felt compelled to stay at hand waiting for the sun to do its work. As I stood in the cold drizzle I had the feeling of having a burden to carry on my shoulders and of not wanting to leave the essence. I felt responsible in case something should happen. I felt the strength and enduring nature of the great oak around me.

If you feel that you are the one who carries the responsibility and it is your hard work that will keep things going Oak would be a good essence for you.
The Oak character is strong and can stand great strain, they can plod on for days helping others but when it all gets too much they crack with a nervous breakdown. Oak can give you perseverance and courage when you have lost hope.

Christine Felce

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