Pennyroyal - confusing messages

Pennyroyal - confusing messages

Pennyroyal - Mentha pulegium

For people with addictions or those who feel a big gap inside them. Also for those who, for whatever reason, can’t access the feminine side of themselves,this essences helps bring balance and a feeling of completeness. It can also help with the problems associated with dyslexia and other educational dificulties.

  • Are you searching for something but not sure what it is?
  • Do you feel unbalanced?
  • Do you have a continual feeling of not being good enough?

The Pennyroyal Essence Story

I had read that pennyroyal essence was good for addictions and lived with a very ‚male‘, dyslexic man who was addicted to cannabis. I thought that making this essence would help him. Often people who are addicted to things feel they have a big hole inside them that needs filling with ‚something‘ and , I feel, are out of balance and unable to access the feminine, intuitive , creative side of themselves.

I have found that a lot of the messages that a particular essence brings are mirrored in the things that occur before, during and straight after making it. The day I made the pennyroyal essence I dowsed (with my pendulum) to ask if it was the right day to make it. It said ‚no‘ .I thought ‚F*** it I’ll do it anyway‘. When I got to the spring to get water for the essence it had dried up to a trickle. In a very male way I thought ‚there must be a way to get enough water‘ and started digging down into the soil to place my bowl to collect the water- usually I would have thought ‚OK it’s obviously not the right day‘. On the way back from the spring, carrying the water in my right hand (male side) and getting an aching shoulder I realized it would be much easier to carry it in both hands i.e. more balanced. When I got home and was writing my notes I found I couldn’t spell, the pen leaked ink over everything and my handwriting was even worse than usual!!!

The flowers have a lot to teach us if we can manage to stop and listen to them. There is a definite message with the pennyroyal essence that we need to access both our male ‚doing‘ side with our female ‚being‘ side to be happy and balanced. And this essence really helps with this.

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