Pine - Strength through experience

Pine - Strength through experience

Pine - Pinus sylvestries

Helps us come to terms with the darkness and fears in our past so we can move forward in a strong and determined way. Helps bring understanding that the past has made us stronger and more capable and that things can only get better.

  • Have you experienced trauma and darkness that you want to let go of?
  • Do you have nightmares about things that happened in your childhood?
  • Do you believe that there is no way out of your present situation?

The Pine Essence Story

I wasn’t drawn to make this essence in the same way I have with some of the other essences but the description of the Bach pine essence seemed perfect for a friend of ours who felt bad about trivial mistakes he’d made a long time ago and still spent a lot of time going over these events. Pine essence is supposed to bring the realization that all mistakes are part of life’s learning.

So I went to a plantation of trees that I’d spotted one evening, it was the evening before the full moon .For me pine woods always feel a bit sinister, like the dark woods in fairy tales full of strange mushrooms and ghosts and people out to do you harm or the landscape of nightmares and no friendly flowers. This particular wood was full of rabbit burrows which are also often scared.

Although it didn’t feel like I was doing it ‘right’ I decided the essence needed to stay there all night to face the darkness and feel the joy of the sunrise the next morning. It came to me that even if it was the ‘wrong’ way of making this essence I would learn something from the experience, and anyway who was entitled to tell me what is right and wrong- a perfect Pine essence learning.

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