Potentilla - I love who I am

Potentilla - I love who I am

Potentilla - Potentilla sterilis

This lovely essence makes you feel fabulous about whoever you are. It is for self appreciation/acceptance and helps bring out your strengths in a quiet, gentle way.

  • Are you self critical?
  • Do you sabotage your ideas?
  • Do you feel unworthy?

The Potentilla Essence Story

A friend of mine pointed this flower out to me for the first time. It is an incredibly beautiful flower when you look at it closely but because it looks so much like a wild strawberry flower you don’t look at it twice. I could almost say I fell in love with it at first sight. It was just perfect - like a fairy crown. The friend who noticed it is a bit like a fairy - very light, dainty and slightly unearthly, very intuitive but has trouble living in the ‚real world‘. She also has a lot of trouble loving herself and is very critical of herself.
Just after falling in love with this lovely flower I went and spent a week on a voyage of self-discovery and a chakra journey with a flower essence producer called Tanmaya (www.eurobodalla.org.au/himalaya) who now runs workshops for us. Anyway I came back much more in tune with myself, loving myself more and not scared of listening to ‚my inner voice‘ and just had to make an essence from the potentilla.

It ‚told me‘ it was ‚ For just being me‘ and ‚ The world is going on out there, I’m small and quiet and even if you notice me you’ll think I’m something else but I’m the most beautiful complete thing calling the energies into my centre, deep into my red centre through 5 white hearts and a green star. It’s OK if you don’t notice me living on the edge - not quite in the light - I don’t need you to because it’s just perfect being me‘.

Now look at the photo above again and notice just how lovely it is.

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