Red Chestnut - over concern for others

Red Chestnut  - over concern for others

Red Chestnut - Aesculus carnea

This essence is for people who worry about others. For when we put too much energy into thinking about other people rather than doing things which might help.

  • Do you spend a lot of time thinking about all the things that could go wrong with your nearest and dearest?
  • Do you feel unable to get on with your life because of worrying?

The Red Chestnut Essence Story

As a mother I’m pretty laid back, I’ve given my 2 sons lots of freedom and let them, as much as possible, find their own boundaries. I am not, in general, a worrier. So I was surprised one spring, when my sons were in their late teens, that I kept noticing red chestnut trees everywhere I went. I knew that Edward Bach’s essence was for people who worry a lot about other people. He said that this negative energy focused towards someone is very bad for them (as well as hard on the worrier).

But I wasn’t one of those people was I? The trees kept making me notice them and so eventually I had to admit that those boys of mine were causing me more concern than usual. We were living in town after being in the country for most of their lives and they were mixing with many different people, partying lots and often not coming home when they said they would. I slept with my phone by the bed and when it rang hoped it wasn’t the police or the hospital - sometimes it was!!

So I gave in to the red chestnut and made an essence from it at a farm of some friends of mine a few miles out of town. It was early in the morning, I left my phone at home (!) and placed the flowers in the bowl and then felt at quite a loss. I swear I heard the flowers say ‚we’re fine, leave us alone, go home and have some breakfast and come back later‘. I worried that I hadn’t left the bowl in the right place - they replied ‚We’re fine, just leave us alone‘. So I left them to do their thing....

...and my boys are doing just fine too, and it makes no difference whether I worry about them or not and if I find I am, I just take a few drops of that red chestnut essence and get on with my life.

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