Speedwell - just slow down

Speedwell - just slow down

Speedwell - Veronica persica

This essence helps increase intuitive awareness and gives you the ability to go at the ‚right‘ speed. It brings a sense of calm in the chaos and allows you to rest. For people who are going too fast.

  • Are you rushing through life unaware of what’s going on around you?
  • Are you often making mistakes and having to go back and repeat things?
  • Are you clumsy?

The Speedwell Essence Story

It was a busy summer. I was living with my 2 teenage boys in a large town house after having left their father. The house was constantly filled with movement and large, loud, mostly lovely, adolescents. I was working as a florist from home and it was the middle of the wedding season (the one when I was so relieved the traffic lights were red because I could stop still for at least a minute and do nothing!!).

In our long garden there was a small area of grass, which was covered in speedwell. Whenever I sat there I just wanted to collapse in a heap and not move for a long time. This is where I realized the next essence I needed to make was the speedwell essence.

Speedwell flowers seem to only open later in the morning when the sun comes out (perhaps they know there’s no rush), they let go of their clear, calm blue petals very easily and grow very quickly in groups.

The thoughts that appeared when I managed to start day - dreaming while making the essence were ‚Be calm, stop fidgeting and relax, let things go at their own pace - it’s a beautiful day, life is here to be enjoyed‘ and ‚allow your life to be fun and easy‘. These thoughts that appear while making essences I’ve now started taking more notice of. I think they are what other essence producers call ‚the flowers talking to me‘

It was after taking the speedwell essence for a while that I decided it was time to take time off for myself and travel the world to visit friends!!

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