Twayblade - Leap of faith

Twayblade - Leap of faith

Twayblade - Listera ovate

This essences helps you feel supported enough to make changes in your life. For times when you need to have enough faith that everything will turn out for the best. It says “What is the worst that can happen? You will always be looked after”

  • Are you scared to make changes in your life?
  • Do you suffer from ‘butterflies’ in your stomach at the thought of doing things?

The Twayblade Essence Story

This may be a flower you are not familiar with. It is a woodland orchid that I met for the first time in 2010. It isn’t rare but isn’t that easy to spot. Close up the green flowers all the way up the stem look like little green men with wings about to leap off. There are 2 large leaves at the bottom of the stalk that look just like they’d act as a trampoline .This is one of those flowers that fits very well into a system called the ‘doctrine of signatures’ which was a concept introduced by Paracelsus in the 16th century. He noticed that many of the uses of plants could be worked out from the shape/habit of the plant itself. Our Dicentra essence also fits very well into this system.

Here is the feedback from one of our fans of the Twayblade essence:

“Earlier this year I had some major life style changes to face, which also coincided with discovering your essences. In my heart I knew what I wanted to do but sometimes I became overwhelmed by the enormity of the challenges I faced. It was not a trivial thing to contemplate leaving my husband, job, friends and indeed country to join my soul mate and family in Ireland. For some reason I was drawn to your Twayblade essence. If ever there was a „Leap of Faith“ this was surely it! On further investigation I discovered the Twayblade plant was first discovered in County Clare, just the place I was going. Almost immediately after using the essence I no longer had any doubt that I could go ahead with my plans. Some people thought I was crazy, some thought it was all very romantic, but everyone agreed on BRAVE. I am positive the Twayblade helped a lot.”

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