Walnut - for sticking to your principles

Walnut - for sticking to your principles

Walnut - Juglans regia

This is another essence that was made by Edward Bach and we made it from a very old, strong and spreading local tree using the male and female flowers.
It is an essence for life’s transitions and brings support when decisions need to be made.

This essence brings protection from what other people think of you. It is an essence for life’s transitions, bringing support when you want to leave limits and restrictions behind.

  • Do you feel in need of help to support you in life’s changes?
  • Are you held back in what you want to do because of old patterns and beliefs?
  • Are you scared about going into new situations?
  • Are you worried about what people think of you?

The Walnut Essence Story

Whenever I open a Walnut I am amazed by how the inside of the nut looks like an illustration of the inside of the human brain. The nut its self has some of the best protection to keep the nut safe through any great event.

In our walnut essence we have used both the male & female flowers, the walnut tree its self was a very old and spreading tree that had lived life in the centre of a massive garden that had once accommodated the upper classes now the building is not so grand and has been split up into flats. As I was preparing to make the essence a young woman joined me under the walnut tree, because of its size the tree had become a natural meeting point for people staying at the house, the young woman proceeded to tell me about her baby that she was soon to have, she was parting from the babies Dad. She was very depressed about parting but knew she had to as she had realised that the young man would not be able to take the responsibility for the child. This was a big decision for her to take but she knew that she needed to make this decision now so she could move on & start a new life with her baby.

Sitting under the flowering walnut tree was the ideal place to help her make that decision as walnut provides strength for her to go into a new situation. Walnut would also provide protection from what other people might say or think of her.

Walnut is an essence that is useful when you are making big decisions in life, for people who have decided to break with conventions and restrictions.
Dr Edward Bach was one of those walnut type people. He cast aside much of the teaching of the day about health and was ridiculed for his ideas but he stuck to his beliefs and it is to him that we owe much of our knowledge about flower essences. Walnut can bring determination to carry on no matter what and protection from what others might have to say about you.

Some of the obvious times that walnut would be useful are during teething, starting school, puberty, menopause, and anyone who feels that they are out on a limb and need that super protection to carry out their beliefs and life’s work.

Christine Felce

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