Weld - Seeing the bigger picture.

Weld - Seeing the bigger picture.

Weld - Reseda luteola

This essence is for when you can’t see things from a distance because you’re too involved in them. It helps to bring perspective to a situation and see things for what they are and then energises you to be able to deal with what you see.

  • Do you find it hard to listen to other people?
  • Do you feel angry?
  • Do you obsess about details?

The Weld Essence Story

I was on holiday in Cornwall when I first encountered the Weld plant. It had pushed itself up through a meter of hard core and pressed tarmac, it was over 2 metres tall with many golden spears branching off in all directions. I found out later this plant was dyers Weld and produced a lovely golden yellow colour on wool.

As soon as I decided to make the plant into a flower essence things started to go wrong - my family had a full on argument that ended in a lot of angry feelings, it was one of those arguments that go into more and more detail and no one can see their way out.

On returning from my holiday and discussing the new essence with Saskia we started trailing the essence, I was unsure of the full message of the Weld plant although my family having such angry feeling should have been a clue.

A few of the people who trailed the essence had dreams that gave them insight into them selves, one of the people who trialled it who is quiet ,mild mannered and rarely gets angry got really annoyed and lost several of her possessions during the trial including her car keys.

So with what seemed a bit of a muggy picture we put Weld to one side for a while but kept it in our dowsing set.

After a year of not using it much we had a few clients who picked Weld out despite us not doing much to encourage its use. It is to a couple of these clients that we owe a big thank you to, they both insisted on having Weld essence and then reported with dramatic results and greatly pleased at what Weld had brought to them.
Both Saskia and I began to see the bigger picture for this far reaching plant. It has now become an essential ingredient in one of our combinations ‚ Focus Energise Create‘

It is very handy in so many situations in life to be able to stand back and see the full picture. This could be as an artist where you can sometimes get involved in details rather than see the full meaning and impression of a piece of art work.

It you often get into arguments being able to take a step back and look at both sides of the case will, in most cases, get you to talking instead of fighting your corner. It would be great to trial it with a group of people needing anger management as I feel sure it would really assist them

If you find it difficult to listen to others and always want to butt in and put your views across weld will help you to communicate.

Now, when I look at the tall spires of hundreds of yellow flowers, its message is easy to understand. I just need to take a few courses of weld essence to get the bigger picture.

Christine Felce

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