White Chestnut - Helps to remove unwanted thoughts

White Chestnut - Helps to remove unwanted thoughts

White Chestnut - Aesculus hippocastanum

This essence is good for worriers, it will help a person find quiet and calm that will not be disturbed by outside influences. It is good for when you have trouble sleeping because of repetitious thoughts.

  • Does your mind constantly replay bits of conversations or life episodes without any apparent resolution?
  • Do you suffer from a great deal of mental agitation or obsessive thoughts, often resulting in insomnia, fitful sleep or general restlessness?
  • Is it usually difficult for you to experience an inner state of calm?

The White Chestnut Essence Story

This was one of the first essences I made, before I started taking notes while making them. A friend of Christine’s was a composer who wrote jingles for a living and he used Bach’s White Chestnut essence all the time to get rid of the tunes that went round and round in his head - an occupational hazard. So we thought he would be the perfect person to trial it on and as it had already been made by Bach we knew what it was for already - these days we are more open minded about what essences are for and don’t just go on what Dr. Bach thought - flowers, like people, have multi faceted personalities. I don’t remember that there was anything to report about the making of it but I know that we were extremely pleased when he said that it was much stronger than the Bach essence he usually took and that he didn’t have to take it nearly as often.

It is felt by many people that essences made in small batches with love and care are more effective than those made in much larger amounts by bigger companies which makes sense as we are dealing with the vibrational energy of the plant rather than its material matter.

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