Wild Garlic - support and strength on life’s journey

Wild Garlic

Wild Garlic - Allium ursinum

This essence brings a feeling of well being and safety. It is for people who feel alone and/or afraid. It helps bring a feeling of universal support and well being. It can open you up to receive and understand new information and ideas to help in your life.

  • Are you afraid of taking part in life?
  • Do you often feel alone even when surrounded by people?
  • Are you scared for no obvious reason?
  • Do you feel like there are things you need to understand but can’t accept?

The Wild Garlic Essence Story

I would say that this was the strongest most powerful essence making experience I’ve had so far. During late spring, after the bluebells, the woods in the valleys where we live look like they are covered in snow the garlic is so thick, the smell drifts over everything. So it was inevitable that one of us would be ‚called‘ to make an essence from them out of curiosity if nothing else.

It was one of those perfect spring days when the sun is warm and the light clear, the birds were singing and a little stream added its sound. I lay in the garlic, while the essence was ‚doing its thing‘ and looked up at the incredibly lime green leaves of the beech tree above me in the dappled sunshine in a semi dream state. I felt very safe and relaxed (most unusual) and then very connected to everything - a realization came to me that I was a part of all this incredible beauty around me.
I heard a voice inside my head that said ‚All is well, everything happens as it should. You are safe. There is nothing to be afraid of- we are here to strengthen and support you in your perfect journey‘.

After a while I stood up and walked in a state of bliss and awe at the beauty of everything around me. Everything looked so alive and energetic I had to take off my shoes to get closer to it. It was amazing to feel so different after half an hour or so of lying in a clump of flowers- try it sometime if you get the chance.

Garlic is used as a herb to aid digestion. If we know that we are safe and protected it is easier to digest anything- whether it is food or ideas.

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