Wild Rose - Brings softness and flexibility.

Wild Rose - Brings softness and flexibility.

Wild Rose - Rosa canina

This essence is for those who have become hardened and unfeeling towards life and those around them. It helps bring a softening of the heart and renewed interest in life. It brings back colour if life seems dull and grey and it feels like there is only one way to do things. It is for people who have stopped letting feelings/people in and is good for people who are grieving.

  • Have you stopped feeling strong emotions?
  • Is life only just O.K?
  • Can you often not be bothered to do things unless you have to?

The Wild Rose Essence Story

When I made this essence I was unaware that Dr. Bach had made a remedy from it. They are such lovely soft flowers with their heart shaped petals that look like perfect confetti when they fall on the floor. People who knew me before I embarked on this incredibly exciting journey of making and using flower essences would have been more aware of the hard hearted part of me, the seemingly uncaring even cruel part of me. Personal circumstances and perhaps astrological influences meant that I found/find it very easy to pull up my defences and put on a hard front behind which life is ‚fine‘ but I never experienced the highs and lows that I was jealous of in my friends - I think this is why the wild rose called to me. Its message to me was ‚soften up and relax, don’t be so hard on yourself and others‘. Besides being all soft and feminine the rose has those strong sharp thorns that protect it and bring a feeling of safety- it seems to be saying ‚It’s OK to be soft and caring and gentle, you are protected‘ and is often used by people who have closed up to life due to grief of some sort- recently or a long time in the past.

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