Willow - for flexibility

Willow - for flexibility

Willow - Salix caprea

This essence helps you absorb the pains of life and lets forward in a graceful, flexible way.

  •     Would you rather deal with something in a different way?
  •     Do you think other people’s lives are easier than yours?
  •     Are you bitter about the way life is treating you?

The Willow Essence Story

This is another Bach essence that I felt drawn to make from a large goat willow that grew in the corner of our garden. When we first moved there it was in a sorry state, chewed by horses over the barbed wire it’d nearly given up. But willows have great regenerative powers and as basket makers know are very flexible and after a summer of having washing up water poured over it from our temporary caravan kitchen it cheered up no end. 20 years later it towers over the site- no doubt sucking what moisture it can from the drains. This tree taught me how necessary it is to be as flexible and tolerant as possible, that it does you no good to be bitter about what lessons you have to learn, you just need to get on in as graceful a way as possible.

Saskia Marjoram

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